KREOS is a company that seeks to offer sustainable solar solutions to it’s clients.

In the interests of sustaining the efficiency of your solar system, we now offer a Solar Panel cleaning service. Dirty panels can affect the economy of your solar panel system by up to X%!!. That is useful energy lost that your system could be producing for your home.


We offer a full cleaning service no matter what the size of your system is. We Charge: For commercial installations, customized quotes can be arranged to satisfy the requirements of bulk services.

Warranty longevity

A little known fact about PV (Photovoltaic) panel warranties, is that a regular maintenance schedule must be adhered to, to sustain the specified warranty. A key element of this maintenance schedule is the inspection and cleanliness of the panels in operation. So not only will we ensure your panels are operating at their peak performance, we’ll also work to fulfill the obligations of your maintenance schedule.

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