Only $5999 for a massive 6.5kW of solar. Thats over $8000 of value for this package

Fully installed with a Fronius inverter, a reputable Austrian company since 1945.

Including a 10 year extended warranty on your inverter and 25 year warranty on your panels. 


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Solar isn’ for everyone, let us first understand your energy usage. We’ll get one of our friendly staff to contact you.


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Our CEC qualified designers will assess your rooftop for suitability of solar.


  • Enquire  about our special package of $5999 for a HUGE 6.5kw system

Its not just about price, but also quality and this package has both. This system will generate power that can reduce your electricity bill by over $2000 a year.


  • We believe energy should be free, because the sun is

We are passionate about harnessing energy from renewable sources like the sun, rather than burning fossil fuels and releasing carbon into the atmosphere. We have installed over 2000 solar systems in the past few years and are continually saving more and more people and businesses money on their energy bill with clean energy.

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 Kreos, a company you can trust!

Kreos Electrical has over a Megawatt of completed Solar Projects. Chances are if you see solar on your neighbours roof, it was done through us! See the site map below for our completed works.

What our clients say

Kreos has been a dependable solution for our company. We have found them to be an excellent Electrical Contractor, responding quickly to our needs, with top quality workmanship.

J. Petterson, Kewdale

We found the guys at Kreos were highly efficient in their work. They were able to fault find and repair with minimal downtime to my business.

P. Vanderwalt, Cockburn Central.

I want to thank Kreos Energy for saving us money on our electricity so we can put more finances into the kingdom and let the sun do the work. Thanks to Kreos who was able to show us how we could make a significant saving on our electricity through leasing solar panels that we will own in 5 years and then have free energy after that.

D. Mullany, Rockingham.


More about KREOS

Kreos is the greek word for power, and that’s what we hope to offer…Renewable, sustainable electrical supply to power your home or business.

We have installed over 2000 systems across Perth. Unlike our competitors, we deal directly with our clients- cut out the middleman. We have accredited Clean Energy Council designers and installers, in association with the Australian Solar Council. We are based in Rockingham, specialising in renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

Kreos is a business that was born out of the need for economical, well informed, renewable energy solutions, for the market of Western Australia. We at Kreos aim to understand the technologies available on the global market to offset these costs. Our company goal is to reduce the complexity of new technologies in such a way as to pass on the advantage to our customers with simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Ever wondered how solar works


At any given moment, the Sun is emitting light energy to the earth as photons.
Enough photon energy from the Sun is radiated to earth in one hour to power all human electrical consumption for an entire year. Photons are “caught” in the solar cells of your Solar array system, as light is present during the day. This process “excites” electrons, which effectively “charges” them. As the newly excited electrons begin to move, DC (Direct Current) Voltage is produced. This DC Voltage is then sent to an Inverter, which converts the DC input into an AC (Alternating Current) output at 50 Hz. This is the same mains supply that Utility Companies supply at within Australia.
This voltage is then used to power devices in your home or office.
Solar Power is an excellent source of electricity because it is very low maintenance, and the cost of sunlight is free!!