At any given moment, the Sun is emitting light energy to the earth as photons.

Enough photon energy from the Sun is radiated to earth in one hour to power all human electrical consumption for an entire year. Photons are “caught” in the solar cells of your Solar array system, as light is present during the day. This process “excites” electrons, which effectively “charges” them. As the newly excited electrons begin to move, DC (Direct Current) Voltage is produced. This DC Voltage is then sent to an Inverter, which converts the DC input into an AC (Alternating Current) output at 50 Hz. This is the same mains supply that Utility Companies supply at within Australia.

This voltage is then used to power devices in your home or office.

When sunlight is not present (night-time), PV (Photovoltaic) panels do not produce electricity. All electricity that is not used by a household at any given time of generation, is fed back into the main grid. This typically results in either your power meter rolling backwards (eating up your power bill), or even a credit on your bill (should you have the appropriate meter installed, and feed-in tariffs applied).

When your Solar Power system is not producing electricity for you to consume, the mains supply will pick up the slack to provide electricity to your home.

Solar Power is an excellent source of electricity because it is very low maintenance, and the cost of sunlight is free!!

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