How does the Sun produce electricity?
Click here for a full description of the PV process.
What does PV stand for?
PV stands for Photovoltaic. This is the method by which the Sun’s energy is converted into electricity.
What is the lifespan of a Solar Power system?
Many factors affect the lifespan of a Solar Power system. Some of these factors are environment of installation, quality of the panels, ratings of the equipment, maintenance upkeep etc. Micro-Inverter systems offer the longest available warranties on the market.

Assuming typical system outputs (based on Clean Energy Council guidelines), and expected warranted lifespans, systems in Australia will pay for themselves along with a healthy return on investment.

How much electricity will my system generate?
The CEC (Clean Energy Council), is the government body responsible for regulating much of the Solar Power industry. The CEC offers guidelines for average annual production of Solar Power systems. The following is a table of the expected outputs of various system sizes per day in the Perth Metro area.

Australian Cities Average Solar PV Output in Kilowatt Hours 

System performance is highly variable dependent on many factors such as time of day, season, shading, panel efficiency, inverter efficiency, installation location etc. These figures are estimations based on average derating factors and efficiency levels.

Micro-inverter systems are on average 12% more efficient than conventional centralized inverter systems. The United States NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), recently developed a repeatable method of testing micro-inverter PV systems as opposed to conventional systems in dealing with shading. For this reason, we would expect outputs of such systems to reflect these findings. The full report can be found here

Does Kreos do regular Electrical Contracting
Yes absolutely we do, and generally we can provide a fixed price quote on the phone. We have multiple crews on the road, allowing us to respond quickly to emergency faults.
Where is Kreos Electrical based?
We are based in Rockingham, on Crompton Road and service all over Perth. Click here for a map to find us.
Wow, you guys look like a polished organisation. How can I get on board?
We are constantly looking for motivated and ambitious people to join our team. We foster entrepreneurship to the best of our ability. Send your CV’s in to
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