Kreos Electrical is an Electrical Contracting business, with a focus on Renewable Technologies. We have become an established, quality contractor in the South Metro area, having successfully completed over 2000 major installations across WA. We offer services including Solar PV installation, Electrical Construction, Energy Efficient Lighting, Solar Pumping products and general Electrical Call out work.

We are committed to constant market awareness, in the dynamic field, of new technology. The efficient consumption of electricity is becoming more and more prioritised in the modern world, to reduce environmental impact, and economise in resource usage.

The efficiency of PV (photovoltaic) panels has improved dramatically over the last 10 years, bringing it to the forefront as a viable contender to traditional grid supply. Where solar panels were typically used as a rural alternative energy source, efficiency advancements (not to mention grid price increases), have made solar power systems an excellent economical addition to metropolitan areas as well.

Western Australia is blessed with ample sunlight. So much so that the CEC (Clean Energy Council), rewards it’s residents with better rebates than most other areas in Australia. This equates to better cost effectiveness, and ultimately, cheaper solar installations (due to higher government rebates). This again adds to the viability of solar power installations for businesses and households in WA.

With advancements in technique and design, using energy efficient equipment can dramatically improve the cost effectiveness of your electricity consumption. As qualified professionals with a passion for technology, we aim to suppress costs for all our clients, while improving the functionality of homes or businesses, in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Brandon Le Chat , the founder of Kreos Electrical, are Electricians, with over 8 years experience in WA. Kreos Electrical is a West Australian owned and operated business. This positions us well to understand the needs of local residents, and how our solutions may add value to their daily lives.

Contact us on 1300 660 585 so we can showcase our products and services to you.

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